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Date:         28 Jul 97 01:13:26 
From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
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Andrew Goldfinger wrote:
>      A few years ago, I saw a Swearingin Metro with a tubluar member at
> the tail apex. I asked about this, and was told that it was for a JATO
> engine.
> 1.  Is this true
> 2.  If true, has anyone here ridden a Metro during a JATO take off?
> Could they share their experience?

	The JATO was only included in the original Metro design to allow decent
one engine out performance - if you lost an engine at a critical moment,
like take off, you could light the JATO and stay alive.

	Many years ago, I was the only passenger on a Metro and got to ride
kneeling behind the pilots.  I noticed placards in the cockpit saying
that the JATO wasn't installed.  When asked about it, the crew said that
the JATO was a maintainence headache and had been removed. I would guess
that they had uprated engines or something to preserve OEI performance.

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