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Date:         28 Jul 97 01:13:26 
From: (Pacifier User)
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Andrew Goldfinger ( wrote:
:      A few years ago, I saw a Swearingin Metro with a tubluar member at
: the tail apex. I asked about this, and was told that it was for a JATO
: engine.
: 1.  Is this true
: 2.  If true, has anyone here ridden a Metro during a JATO take off?
: Could they share their experience?

When I worked for Big Sky Airlines (Montana commuter, used to be Northwest
Airlink) I asked what the car-like ignition switch in the cockpit was for,
the pilot told me it was for JATO, then said "The only thing it's good for
is leaving a smoke trail to the crash site".  Also heard from another
pilot that they lit one off while the a/c was on the ramp and it didn't
even move the a/c!!