Re: HS Trident/More weirdness

Date:         14 Jul 97 20:27:02 
From: (Darren Rhodes)
Organization: Loughborough University
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On 13 Jul 97 01:25:53 , Kees de Lezenne Coulande
>     Maybe that's why it's not true. There is some confusion here between
>the nose and the main undercarriage. Look at any picture of the Trident
>with the undercarriage down. The nose gear has two wheels (one on each side
>of the strut). The main gear, however, has four wheels on each strut and
>all on the same axle (two on each side of the strut).

The description above is the correct layout of the undercarriage on a
Trident. The undercarriage is also fairly unique in that to stow the 4
wheels on a single main gear axle, the leg shortens and rotates
through 90deg. so that the wheels occupy the minimum space possible.
Of course the extra complexity added weight to the design - hence this
approach hasn't been used since on civil aircraft.