Re: EU Objects to Boeing Merger

Date:         14 Jul 97 20:27:01 
From:         "Lucien" <>
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 Robert Nielsen wrote in article ...
<almost everything deleted>

>it is prudent to recall the old adage, 'Be careful what you wish for;
>your wish might be granted.'

Hahaha, I also have an old adage, 'be careful with what you say, unless you
know what you are talking about...'

Here are just some random thoughts I had when reading the previous

It is imho clear that:
1)The EU is protecting airbus
2)The EU wants a free, but equal/balanced market with the US (and v.v.)
3)The interest of the US-authorities and the EU-authorities are quite
4)That the previous things said, are conflicting

     I am sure that MDD (or at least parts of it) are able to go on alone,
and if they don't, other companies will fill up the holes in the market.
(It all happened to Fokker)

Don't you think that the merge of BAC and MDD would create a _very_ big
company? With a product-range for the whole military and civil market. I
think it is very difficult to compete with such a economically powerful
company. It would leave Airbus far behind, and minimize the possibility
that it ever would become (finally) profittable as well. (And that's what
we all want isn't it :-)

And then your scaring example of Boeing suspending sales to the EU. This is
another good reason to keep Airbus healthy, and prevent everybody from
becoming 100% dependent from Boeing. (If somebody like the previous writer
becomes president of the US or president of Boeing, many countries may need
an alternative for Boeing :-)

Airbus technically inferiour? As long as they meet the high, strict,
superior demands of the FAA, you really don't need to worry. They are safe
for the pax, appearently attractive for the airliners, I don't see any

I personally like Fokker a lot.

>These are some of the people who gave the world the FASTEST unsaleable

 I thought they sold 10 of them to independent airliners like AF and your

>superb example

Best wishes from sunny Hoofddorp,