Boeing offers 767-400ERX

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Boeing has officially begun offering the 767-400ERX for sale.  (This
does not mean Boeing has launched the new model.  In general, Boeing
only launches a plane after receiving at least one order, followed by
approval of Boeing's board of directors.)

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Boeing to Offer New 767 Derivative

SEATTLE, Wash., Jan. 6, 1997 -- In response to market interest, the Boeing
Board of Directors has authorized the Commercial Airplane Group to offer
a proposed 767-400ERX for sale to the world's airlines. A program go-ahead
would depend on obtaining sufficient launch orders. The tentative target
delivery date is the year 2000.

The 767-400ERX is planned as a derivative of the 767, and would be an
important new member of the Boeing family of airplanes sized between the
767-300 and the 777-200. The new derivative features a stretched fuselage;
aerodynamic improvements, including additional wing span and winglets on
the wing tip; increased takeoff weight capability; and an all new main
landing gear.

"This new 767-400ERX brings significant improvements in operating economics
over airplanes offered by our competitors," said Ed Renouard, vice
president and general manager of 747/767 Programs. "Its increased payload
capability, intercontinental range, passenger comfort and commonality with
other Boeing jetliners will represent great value in the marketplace."

The 767-400ERX would provide:

  * 10- to 15-percent more seats than the 767-300 -- accommodating 245
    passengers in a three-class configuration compared to 218 in the -300
    version. The added seats reduce operating costs relative to the
    767-300ER, which already offers airlines the lowest operating costs
    in its class;

  * Range capability (approximately 6,500 statute miles) to fly the majority
    of routes currently being served by the 767-300ER;

  * All the familiar passenger comforts of the popular 767 interior; and,

  * The same reliable engines, airframe systems, and the 757/767 flight
    crew type rating.

"This commonality will ensure a virtually transparent addition to existing
767 fleets and minimal impact to existing 757 fleets," Renouard said. "The
767-400ERX will help airlines take advantage of intercontinental growth
markets as well as replace older airplanes serving transcontinental

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767-400ERX Specifications

767-400ERX/-300ER -- Comparison of Basic Specifications

                        767-400ERX               767-300ER
Wing Span               179 ft 3 in (54.6 m)     156 ft 1 in (47.6 m)
Overall Length          201 ft 4 in (61.4 m)     180 ft 3 in (54.9 m)
Fuselage Length         197 ft 2 in (60.1 m)     176 ft 1 in (53.7 m)
Tail Height             55 ft 1 in (16.8 m) [1]  52 ft (15.8 m)
Body Width              16.5 ft (5 m)            Same
Passengers              245 three-class          218 three-class
                        303 two-class            269 two-class
Cargo Volume            4,905 cu ft (139 m3)     4,030 cu ft (114.2 m3)
Engines (two)                    * Pratt & Whitney PW4000
                                 * General Electric CF6-80C2
                                 * Rolls-Royce RB211-524G/H
    Max rated thrust per engine is
    50,000 lb to 62,000 lb

Fuel                    24,140 gal (91,400 l)    24,140 gal (91,400 l)
Range (statute mi)      6,500 mi (10,460 km)     7,050 mi (11,380 km)
Maximum Takeoff Weight  440,000 lb (199,580 kg)  412,000 lb (186,883 kg)

[1] Increase in tail height is due to the increased length of the
    767-400ERX landing gear (no increase in actual tail size).

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