Re: 747 lands at a wrong airport

Date:         14 Jul 97 20:26:59 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Trevor Fenn wrote:
> David Lesher wrote:
> > You got it. There are companies that specialize in such. Strip the
> > a/c, unloading everything [not just seats, entire interior...]
> > and a few minutes of fuel. [Wonder if they could/would pull
> > the APU?]
> >
> > Then... wait for the right weather. Cool enough, enough headwinds,
> > clear shot to the bigger field.
> But bear in mind a 747 can get airborne in around 4000 feet if it has to
> with a light load, even when operating commercially
> I've seen it many times

Correct, one of the takeoffs which surprised me the most was an ANA
747-200 which took off in after 4000 feet. This happened in FRA with
only light wind and 20 DegC. Does anybody know the destination of ANA
747's departing Frankfurt at about 15pm on 01 Aug 97? Looking at that
takeoff performance the TOW must have been rather low, so where could
they have flown ? By the way the picture is available on my website.

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