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Date:         14 Jul 97 20:26:59 
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On 1997-07-11 said:
>Karl Swartz wrote:
>> The P3 Orion loiters on *two* engines -- they shut down both of
>>the  outer engines (#1 and #4).  The asymmetry of shutting down
>>only one  engine would require enough rudder to counteract the
>>tendency to yaw,  which would reduce or elimnate the reduced fuel
>>burn (and hence loiter  endurance) which is the point of the

>I know that Dan Air reduced to idle the two outer engines on their
>Comets during cruise.

I used to work for an airline that operated Electras.  On three engines you
lost one quarter of the fuel consumption, but did not lose one quarter of
the speed.  We didn't follow this practice because the sight of one of the
props feathered really made the passengers nervous. ;-)

Jim Cameron
Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

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