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Date:         14 Jul 97 20:26:59 
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>: According to sources who requested anonymity, NW flight 7 (SEA-NRT) ...

>: The aircraft involved was N614UA, a 757-251B (MSN 20359, LN 163)
>: equipped with JT9D-7F engines.

>    I think 757 (at least the ones I have been in) have only two engines.
>It is surprising that a Northwest flight would be in a plane with a
>UA suffix, which I tend to associate with United Airlines, but I guess
>there are loans, leases and so on.

Not only do 757s have only two engines, neither of them are JT9Ds.
N614UA does have JT9Ds, though not the -7F version, and it's neither
a 747 nor a 757 -- it's a 767.  Neither it nor a 757 would have the
range to fly SEA-NRT, at least not with a useful load.

The correct info is that the aircraft involved was N614US, a 747-251B.
US as in one of Northwest's common suffixes, and 747 is in the really
big plane with the hump on the nose.

<sigh>  Too much work, too little sleep.

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