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Date:         14 Jul 97 20:26:58 
From:         Jacco van Schaik <>
Organization: NLR National Aerospace Laboratory
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McLELLAN Alexander, DED/1 wrote:
> Marc Schaeffer wrote:
> >On the 4 Oct 92, a B747-258F (4X-AXG) from El Al lost two engines over
> >Amsterdam during the initial climb phase. The plane crashed.

> The El Al flight "lost" 2 engines in that one fell off and knocked off the
> other. Rather different from "losing" thrust on two engines which thereafter
> remain firmly attached to the wing.

Furthermore, the plane could be controlled up to the time when the flaps
where deployed. The wing that "lost" the engines was so severely damaged
that the flaps didn't deploy, and the resulting flap asymmetry was the
final cause of the crash.

Or so I understood at the time.

Groeten,				- Jacco

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