Re: Q: Smoking on flight deck

Date:         14 Jul 97 20:26:58 
From: (Snorris443)
Organization: AOL
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Technically, I believe it's up to the Captain.  Don't have current
FARs with me.  A FO is not going to get along very well if the
Captain is a non-smoker.  I have heard reports of F/As reporting
smoking on the flight deck if they could smell it in the cabin!

Funny story in this regard.  Back in 89 when I smoked (i was a
3 pack a day smoker, before I quit!), I was on a DC-10 jumpseat
from Hawaii to LAX.  It was a nite flight and we were all just shooting
the breeze.  After about an hour and a half, I went to the lav.  When
I came back, all 3 on the flight deck were quickly putting out their
cigarettes.  They were trying to be courteous, because they didn't
know I smoked.  When I pulled my pack out, everybody had a big
laugh.....all of us were having nicotine fits for that first 1 1/2