Re: Why no wingtips for B777???

Date:         14 Jul 97 20:26:58 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.NOSPAM.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>The patent-pending, in-wingplane design also reduces the planned
>>767-400ER wingspan to 170 ft. from 181 ft., with no loss in overall
>>aircraft performance, according to John Quinlivan, 767-400ER
>>program manager.

>I don't understand.  How can making the wing extensions flat rather than
>canted _reduce_ the span?

If they in-wingplane extensions are more efficient, they could perhaps
be smaller and thus end up with less span.  But they talked about the
8 ft. wing extensions replacing 8 ft. winglets, so somebody has some
numbers mixed up.

Boeing has an updated diagram of the 767-400 on their web site -- see  That
page also lists a wingspan of 170'4" versus 156'1" for the current
models.  So, the wing extensions seem to be a little bit less than 8
ft. each, while the earlier 181' span implies an added 12'6" on each
wing.  Perhaps the 8' wingtips were in addition to extensions.

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