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Date:         13 Jul 97 19:52:41 
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>> If you see a 3-view, photo, or actual ME-262 (only two in
>> existence at museums in Germany and Chino, California)

>nb.:  The NASM has one (an ME-262), and I believe it's still on display
>at the Mall building in D.C.

My brother and I have been talking about going out to Castle Air Force
Base because he wants to see the SR-71 that's out there, so I suggested
we go down to Chino to check out the Me-262.  He found the following
URL which offers a nice summary of the Me-262:

It looks like there are quite a few left.  In addition to the ones in
Germany and Chino, and the one you mention, the Wright-Patterson Air
Force Museum at has one, as do the Johannesburg War Museum in South
Africa and the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.  Probably others.

(This has *really* drifted away from airliners -- followups redirected
to rec.aviation.military.)

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