Re: A320 Cabin Wall markings

Date:         13 Jul 97 19:52:41 
From:         jfmezei <"jfmezei"[nospam]>
Organization: VTL
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C.P. wrote:

> They are to show the location of the wing leading edges, so they
> can be checked for ice (I'm assuming for when it is dark outside).
> UA's A-320s have the same markings. Seems pointless to me, because
> if you can't see where the wings are, how are you going to see the ice?

Consider a plane full of passengers. Consider that the wing is at an
angle to the fuselage. If you choose the wrong window, the angle may not
be "right" and you won't see well.

This triangle may be a subtle way to let the pilots only disturb one set
of passengers and not have to have to disturb many rows to try each
window to see which one has the right view.