Re: Identifying Boeing 777

Date:         13 Jul 97 19:52:41 
From: (Greg Rendell)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1997.1470@ohare.Chicago.COM> "P. Wezeman"
<> writes:
>   I often stay in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I am under
>one of the approach paths to Twin Cities International Airport. Does any
>airline operate the Boeing 777 out of the twin cities?
>   How can one distinguish a Boeing 777 from the many other twin engine
>airliners, seeing it in flight without any direct size comparison? I
>suppose I could make a set of World War Two style flash cards with
>aircraft silhouettes.

I don't know if any airlines operate the Boeing 777 out of the twin
cities, but I can give you some information to help you identify or
"spot" it.  Check out my website "Greg's Guide to Spotting Common
Commercial Aircraft" at for
information on spotting common commercial airliners that you are likely
to see in the US.  Unless BA or UA operates a 777 to the twin cities,
it's pretty unlikely that you'd see one there.  Someone please correct
me if I'm wrong regarding this.

Greg Rendell in Aston, PA