Re: 777, 787, 797 and next ???

Date:         13 Jul 97 19:52:40 
From:         "jla" <>
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jfmezei <"jfmezei"[nospam]> wrote in article
> there are a lot of mention of a 4 digit name for a subsequent generation
> Boeing aircraft.
> How would that bode with airline reservatio systems which typically use
> 3 characters to identify equipment used ?
> While I am at it, how will the CRSs differentiate between a 777-200 and
> a 777-200 IGW ?????

The CRS doesn't.  At least not Apollo.  Since the aircraft is identical in
configuration, there is no differentiation in code.  But as for 4-digit
names, there are longer ones, such as the 747 series.  Apollo shows
747(-100/-200)/74S (SP)/743 (-300/744 (-400).  Similar to 727/737/767
series.  Airbus shows as 320/319/340/330 and AB3 (A300); Douglas, Ilyushin,
etc., same thing.  They find a way.