Re: A320 Cabin Wall markings

Date:         13 Jul 97 01:25:56 
From:         "C.P." <>
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Ken Ishiguro wrote:
> I have flown A320s of HP and NW.  In both cases, I noticed a pair of
> markings on opposite sides of the cabin.  The markings are upside down
> triangles about the size of a postage stamp, about 2" from the top of
> the cabin sidewall panels.  They are about 4-5 rows forward of the
> overwing exit doors.  This is the only place in the entire length of the
> cabin where the markings occur, they appear designed to be unobtrusive
> (gray or white color), and there is nothing unique about the cabin
> arrangement or seat row corresponding to the marks.

They are to show the location of the wing leading edges, so they
can be checked for ice (I'm assuming for when it is dark outside).
UA's A-320s have the same markings. Seems pointless to me, because
if you can't see where the wings are, how are you going to see the ice?