Re: B767 design fault (feature?)

Date:         13 Jul 97 01:25:54 
From:         Peter Coe <>
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  or MIME structure (Kim Hackett) writes:
> >>>Returning with me on a BA B767 to LHR from a conference in Berlin,
> >>>my girl-friend was a bit miffed to discover that her seat had no
> >>>foot-rest ...
> >>>Thinking she had a defective seat, I did a quick check. All the
> >>>middle seats in the centre block were minus foot-rest. All other
> >>>seats had one. (We're talking economy class here!)

>I would not consider this subject to be named a B767 design fault.
>Passenger seats are a decision made by the airline and little
>to do with Boeing.  Several years ago I spent a week with Boeing
>Customer Engineering in Renton, WA.  At that time I was told by
>the Manager of Customer Engineering that Boeing does not purchase
>the seats that they use in the aircraft.  Each airline is responsible
>for the purchase and delivery of the seats to the final production line.

Don't know if it is the case now but when my father represented BA at
Lockheed for the purchase of the Tristars, the planes were not in general
delivered with seats. BA's planes used American built First class seats, and
those were fitted. The economy seats (no business class seats then) were
made in Britain, and were fitted after the plane was delivered back to
the UK.

My father was also responsible for the Gulf Air planes, and those were
delivered with a full complement of seats.

By the way, an aircraft cabin looks much bigger when it hasn't got any seats
in it.  I flew from Palmdale to London on a Tristar 500 delivery flight with
only 20 or so seats on board.  The rear cabin seemed enourmous.