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Date:         13 Jul 97 01:25:54 
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> >On the subject of patents, does anyone know why Boeing did not patent the
> >use of engine nacelles on pylons to get the engine airflow away from the
> >airflow over the wing?
> According to local legend, the podded engine concept (like the yaw damper)
> was explored and implemented on the B-47 first, and therefore ineligible
> for a civil patent.

Also, it was "prior art" (already been thought of).  The podded engine
concept, and "stream tube" nacelle was used in a WWII German jet figher,
the ME-262.  If you see a 3-view, photo, or actual ME-262 (only two in
existence at museums in Germany and Chino, California) you will see
striking resemblances to the 737!  When Germany surrendered, the Allies
sent engineers into Germany to sieze and review technical files.  I
recall skimming a book about Boeing, and it had reprints of letters and
notes sent back to Seattle showing German design concepts they had
uncovered while going through files.  Among these were sketches of swept
wing aircraft with underwing nacelles.

Ken Ishiguro