Re: HS Trident/More weirdness

Date:         13 Jul 97 01:25:53 
From:         Kees de Lezenne Coulande <>
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote in response to a
previous message regarding the HS Trident:
>>The other strange thing about the nose gear was it had four tires on a
>>single axle.  I'm guessing that the narrow gear well limited the tire
>>diameter, so 4 tires were required.
>But wouldn't that make the axle longer?  I would have thought that
>would be a more critical dimension, since it would have to fit between
>the cabin floor and the bottom of the fuselage.  (I had never noticed
>this peculiarity of the Trident before.)

     Maybe that's why it's not true. There is some confusion here between
the nose and the main undercarriage. Look at any picture of the Trident
with the undercarriage down. The nose gear has two wheels (one on each side
of the strut). The main gear, however, has four wheels on each strut and
all on the same axle (two on each side of the strut).
                            Kees de Lezenne Coulander

C.M. de Lezenne Coulander
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