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Date:         13 Jul 97 01:25:52 
From:         Graham Glen <>
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In article <airliners.1997.1371@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Henry Law
<> writes
>There's a photograph in today's Independent newspaper in the UK of BA
>managers, supposedly at RAF Wroughton, learning the rudiments of baggage
>handling and towing aircraft in preparation for a forthcoming strike.
>And what are they practicing on?  A Trident 3, G-AWZM!  It's in what
>looks to have been BA livery, not BEA.

I think that it was very early BA livery (where it just had "British"
along the upper half of the fuselage).

>But why would an RAF base have a Trident?  They are favourites at
>airports for fire training, but surely military fire crews don't need to
>practice fighting fires on airliners ...

The only vaguely military activity at RAF Wroughton is the Princess
Alexandra's Hospital (which I think is outside of the perimeter of the
airfield). The RAF base is run by the Science Museum who use it for
storage of large exhibits that they don't have space for in London, plus
one large building for restoration work.

The Trident is there along with several other commercial aircraft (it
used to be parked next to an ex-Dan Air Comet 4 inside one of the
hangers). The oldest commercial aircraft that I remember seeing their is
a Boeing 247.

It's well worth a visit on one of its periodic open days.


Graham Glen

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