Re: possible new engine for the B777-200X

Date:         13 Jul 97 01:25:52 
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>When UA finally decided to make its' Atlantic move, it was only
>through the purchase of PA's London/LHR routes that it finally
>made it.

That's a popular, though incorrect, opinion.  Before UA started flying
into Heathrow in April 1991, they had at least three trans-Atlantic
flights each way -- 106/105 ORD-CDG, 128/129 ORD-FRA, 130/131 IAD-FRA
(east/west).  Both FRA routes started May 15, 1990 eastbound, with the
first westbound service the next day, then ORD-CDG started on August 1.
(ORD-FRA initially was flight 126; the others started with the numbers
they had at the start of service to LHR.)  All used 767-222(ER)s.

While not a very dramatic start, UA was in Europe nearly a year before
starting to fly the LHR bought from Pan Am.

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