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Date:         13 Jul 97 01:25:51 
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jfmezei wrote:
> If one one engine were to shutdown while in cruise, would the pilots
> prefer to shut down the reciprocal engine on the other wing in order to
> keep symetric thrust ?

I fly to HKG a lot, and can usually visit the flight deck simply by
asking (foreign airlines).  Quite often, one engine on 747-400s is
deliberately throttled back to "flight idle" simply because they don't
need it.  Also, if you happen to see a 747 at cruise flying overhead,
quite often there will be only 3 vapor trails.  Usually, number 3 engine
appears idle.

> Would they then turn it back on during the landing phase to permit
> an "abort/turn around" or would the plane be light ebough by then to
> allow the 747 to run on 2 engines should it need to abort the landing at
> the last minute ?

On the other hand, I was once flying to HKG on a UA 747-400.  One engine
had to be shut down about 30 minutes north of NRT, this necessitated a
precautionary landing there.  Probably some regulations prohibit
continued flight with a known bad engine, especially overwater (once the
flight clears southern Japan, the next landfall is Taiwan, about 3.5
hours overwater).

Ken Ishiguro