Re: Why do MD80's skid ?

Date:         13 Jul 97 01:25:50 
From:         Wilken <"wilken@wilken">
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> On 1997 0-04-15 said:
> >I am not sure that this is technically correct, however it is well
> >known amongst maintenance crews that taxi MD80s, the MD80 is
> >notoriously light on it's small nose gear especially with a light
> >fuel load. Additionally due to the geometry of the nose gear only
> >one of those small tires is in contact with the ground in a sharp
> >turn. In fact mechanics can change a nose gear tire without jacking
> >the nose gear, all they have to due is put a turn on the tiller.
> Mechanics taxiing an empty MD80 are moving the aircraft when it is most tail
> heavy.  An aircraft with engines on the tail is tail heavy empty and nose
> heavy full.

The DC-9  (MD-80 is in fact type certified as a DC9-80) can truely have
a nose wheel changed without jacking the nose provided no pasangers or
bags are loaded.  As a Delta mechanic I have seen some get caught by not
changing the wheel fast enough before loading for the nose sank enough
with weight that the wheel could not be put back on in time.