Aileron control on Airbus

Date:         11 Jul 97 02:09:28 
From:         Ian McAndrew <>
Organization: Cumbria, England
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On a flight to Italy recently, my first on an Airbus, I was looking at
the wing and it appeared to me that there were no conventional ailerons.
There was a control surface close to the fuselage which showed a lot of
activity during the approach but only in a downward direction (on my
side - I assume there was a matching one doing the same on the other
side :-)
At no time did it move up and from the look of it I don't think it was
possible anyway. The impression I got was that turns were initiated by
increasing lift on the wing at the outside of the turn without a
matching aileron decreasing lift on the inside wing.

Did I miss something or is my interpretation of what I saw correct?

Ian McAndrew
Past "sell by date" Chipmunk pilot"