Re: 747 lands at a wrong airport

Date:         11 Jul 97 02:09:27 
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"Purushottam B Sane (Nitin)" <> wrote:
> what needs to be done for a 747 to take off from a runway much
> shorter than normal required ?? Will they have to remove all
> non-essential items (seats, etc) and only have enough fuel for
> it to reach nearby int'l airport ??

This depends on several factors including the specific configuration of 747
(i.e. empty weight, thrust, etc.), the length of the runway, the temperature,
winds, and air pressure at the time of take off. Obviously, the plane would
not be loaded with pax, cargo, or more fuel than needed to get to a suitable
airport, plus some fuel for safety reserve. If the plane were still too
heavy, then monuments (e.g. seats, closets, lavs, galleys) would be removed.

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