Re: Northwest A319 will replace what ?

Date:         11 Jul 97 02:09:25 
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>NW operates -10, -30, -40, -50 and -80s.  I've never heard of a -15
>before, prehaps it is a variant of the -10?

Well, if you want to be picky, Northwest doesn't operate any of those.
For example, they have no -80s since MD never built such a thing --
that's just common shorthand for the -81/82/83/87/88.

I can't find any reference to a DC-9-10 in the production list or
other references, either.  The first 13 DC-9s were all DC-9-14
models as was line number 15.  LN 14 and 16 were DC-9-11s, built
for Bonanza Air Lines.  (Both were sold before the Republic merger
and converted to -14 spec, though LN 16 was later purchased by
Republic and is now the oldest DC-9 in the NW fleet.)

LN 17 was the first DC-9-15, built for KLM.  That model differs from
the -14 in having higher thrust engines and a higher MGTOW.

As of about three years ago, the specific DC-9 models operated by NW,
along with how many they then had, were as follows:

    -14 (15)
    -15 (7)
    -31 (55)
    -32 (22)
    -41 (12)
    -51 (28)
    -82 (8)

>Note there are also no -20s.  If Republic did operate them then I
>can't say where they went.

One reference describes this model as having a -10 series fuselage
with the larger -30 wing and -40 engines.  It was a special version
for SAS, who bought only ten.  I'd be surprised if Republic ever had

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