Re: B747 technical questions

Date:         11 Jul 97 02:09:22 
From:         Gregory L Smith <>
Organization: Boeing - Wichita Division
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187 wrote:
> 1) For the 5th engine which can be installed on the pod under the wings,
> can it be used as part of the aircraft's engine thereby making the
> aircraft run on five engines?

No, the 5th engine position is just for ferrying engines, not for
propulsion.  When installed, the aircraft is also more closely
restricted in the airspeed and center of gravity range in which it can

> 3) What is in the inside of an aircraft tyre?  I mean is it
> filled/pumped up with air like that of car tyres or is it built as a
> solid whole piece??

The tires are normally filled with nitrogen under high pressure (up to
200 psi).