Re: New ground proximity warning.

Date:         06 Jan 97 01:47:44 
From:         "Mark A. Brown" <>
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Dear Professor Kuchar,

> > I'll be using this data for experiments with a 3D version of EGPWS, maybe
> > adding a velocity vector (if the VV is on the hillside and the hillside
> > is close, you could be in trouble!) and autopilot programmed flight path
> > (for vertical path awareness) as well as experimenting with colour-coding.
> If you're interested in some previous research in this area, check out:
> which is a very brief blurb on some experiments we performed several years
> ago on terrain displays.

Thanks very much for the reference. In fact, I'd already found it, and
the information was part of what took me into this line of research.

My main concern with a 3D display is that lack of depth cues might
cause pilots to have difficulty interpreting the proximity to terrain
in a perspective display. My idea is to extend your research ideas,
and to add colour-coding of the terrain threat based on some (yet to
be defined) hazard index computed in real-time, incorporating the
aircraft's energy state as well as terrain proximity. Hopefully, this
would also alert the pilot to descent into flat terrain.

At the same time, by adding a projected flight path, I hope to be able
to convey autopilot vertical mode awareness on the same display,
another topic which I see you've addressed.

Best regards,