Re: Northwest A319 will replace what ?

Date:         10 Jul 97 17:46:14 
From: (Edward Hahn)
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In article <airliners.1997.1345@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:
>I wonder which a/c NW will replace with the A319. As we know NW has
>invested a lot of money to upgrade the flight systems and quiet the
>engines of 173 DC-9 jets it is operating.
>-Why would they upgrade the DC-9's and replace them 2 years later with
>A319 ?
>-Could noise restrictions be the reason ?
>-I doubt that NW will replace the B727 (149 seats) with the A319 (125
>seats), the A320 would be the better choice.

Well, your commment about noise restrictions is definitely a consideration -
all aircraft must meet Stage 3 noise in the US by 1999 (anyone know the exact
cutoff date?).

Consider that legislation like this often leads airlines to make decisions
that on the surface do not make sense.  For example, when I was with a large
US carrier a few years ago, they were putting in TCAS and windshear systems on
B727s and DC10s that were scheduled for retirement less than a year beyond the
installation deadline.  Despite the cost of this modification, the airline had
no other choice, as it really needed the airframes in service.

In NWs case, the A319 may eventually replace some DC9 aircraft which are
scheduled for retirement, but if the deliveries do not meet the deadline for
Stage 3, NW would be obliged to either do without the aircraft, or to modify
them anyways (even if the period in service is short).


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