Re: Whatever happened to the Dash 7

Date:         06 Jan 97 01:47:44 
From:         "Edward B. Soltyka" <>
Organization: Bell Network Solutions
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Chris Nolan wrote:
> Does anyone know what has ever happend to the production run of the
> DeHaviland Dash 7. Was the Dash 8 the replacement aircraft, and if so can
> it mimic the Dash 7's noted short T/O and landing capabilities?

The Dash8 was an economic replacement to the Dash7 not a technical
improvement.  The Dash7s legendary stol performance was deemed
unneccessary as was the requirement for its ultra short balanced field
take off requirements.  When the Dash7 was conceived it was thought that
it would be more viable to operate ultra stol aircraft from existing 2nd
and 3rd world strips than to improve runway lengths.  As the demand for
safety requirements the balanced field capabilities of its 4 engines
were unnecessary and economically unviable.  Thus the need for the more
economically efficient if less STOL capable DASH8 which more closely
satisfied modern requirements.