NWA DC-4's ?

Date:         10 Jul 97 17:46:13 
From:         "Walter E. Shepherd" <shepherd@courier6.aero.org>
Organization: The Aerospace Corporation
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Can someone out there suggest where I might find info regarding details
of the old NW fleet of DC-4's... i.e., tail number, production history
(i.e., c/n, C-54?), ultimate fate, etc. One of them played a major role
in my personal life as a child... not only was it my first airline
flight, but it proved to be a magic carpet ride several years in a row
on the JFK to YIP leg circa '53-'55. I recall noting the same tail
number on several yearly repeated flights back then... but my memory
fails me now. I think it was something close to N545 or N585? I also
recall flying a NWA DC-7C with tail number N287 circa 1956-57.

I've got a copy of the book "Douglas Propliners"... overall a very good
compilation, but shy on data/pix of NWA DC-4 fleet.

Thanks in advance for any help... and a belated thanks to NWA to who I
will be eternally grateful for what proved to be my personal "Berlin
-- Walter Shepherd