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Date:         10 Jul 97 17:46:12 
From: (Nate Estep)
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On 29 Jun 97 16:47:07 , "V. Venkatesh" <>

>A cousin of mine was flying Sea-Tokyo on a NW 747 on Monday when the
>captain shut down two engines near Alaska and returned to Seattle. I guess
>this isn't much of a deal since nothing appeared in the news. When a 747
>is flying along on 2 engines, what happens to speed, altitude and total
>fuel consumption? I am guessing speed, altitude decrease and also possibly
>total fuel consumption since only 2 engines are running.

Hmmm...I don't know, but it reminds me of a joke.  I hope you have

It seems that two business associates were flying to Asia on a 747 for
a last minute business meeting.

About a quarter of the way into the trip, the captain announces on the
PA that the number one engine has developed problems and has been shut
down.  "This will delay our arrival in Hong Kong by about 1 hour."

The two business men glance at their watches, but show little concern.

An hour or so later, the captain again makes an announcement over the
PA: "Due to mechanical problems, we have lost our number 2 engine.
Rest assured that the airplane can stay aloft with two engines out,
but expect a three hour delay in reaching our destination."

The two businessmen have confidence in the captains assurance, but
become slightly nervous.

Finally, well past the PNR, the captain announces to the passengers:
"Ladies and gentlemen, we have just experienced difficulty with engine
number three and have removed it from service.  Please do not worry;
this aircraft can make it to it's destination on only one engine.  We
will now arrive in Hong Kong about 6 hours late."

At this news, the two business are clearly disturbed.  The first
checks his watch, turns to the other and says, "You know, if we loose
that last engine, we're going to be up here all night!"

--Nate Estep