747 lands at a wrong airport

Date:         10 Jul 97 17:46:12 
From:         "Purushottam B Sane (Nitin)" <sane@deccp.zko.dec.com>
Organization: Digital Equipment Corp,Nashua, NH
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In early June, a Saudia 747 landed on a Air Force base by mistake instead
of on an international airport (Chennai, India) where it was supposed to

Runway length at the AFB was half of what was required for 747 to land.
However, pilots managed to land it safely but all the tyres of the a/c

Indian AirForce has allowed 747 to be flown out of AFB.

My question is what needs to be done for a 747 to take off from a runway
much shorter than normal required ?? Will they have to remove all
non-essential items (seats, etc) and only have enough fuel for it to
reach nearby int'l airport ??