Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         06 Jan 97 01:47:43 
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> >Five years from now, the 777's systems will look "OLD and ANTIQUATED",

>     I also find the lack of feedback in Airbus systems to be a
> poor design choice. So much useful information can be obtained
> by the feel of the controls the only reason I can think of for
> eliminating it is weight/cost savings.

   The pitch feel feedback in a 777 is controlled by the primary
flight control computers.  If you think they will misbehave due to
software, (which I don't) then you shouldn't trust the feel.
Artificially generated pitch feel has been around for a long time,
implemented in analog or hydraulics.  Much too much has been made of
the issue.
   The reason for the moving wheels is to increase pilot's situational
awareness of autopilot behavior, not feel.  It does increase weight
and cost, and increase maintenance cost, compared with side sticks.
Weight and cost cannot be dismissed as trivial issues.
  (I'm wondering why it is that side sticks are OK in fighters and
terrifying in airliners?)

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