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Date:         10 Jul 97 17:46:11 
From:         k_ish <>
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> |>later versions actually had a fourth booster engine
> |Where was this engine?
> In the fin, above the middle engine. Wierd.

Another wierdness of the Trident was the nose gear arrangement (IMHO
ingenious as well).

The nose gear retracted sideways, as I recall it swung to the left.  The
gear leg was offset to the (right?) of the fuselage centerline.  The
fuselage ribs which carried the forward and aft nose gear trunnions (and
thus all the gear structural loads) also formed the doorframes.  In
profile, the nose gear was aligned with the forward doors.  This meant
two heavy fuselage ribs could serve multiple purposes, instead of
requiring separate heavy structure for the nose gear and the doors.

The other strange thing about the nose gear was it had four tires on a
single axle.  I'm guessing that the narrow gear well limited the tire
diameter, so 4 tires were required.

Someone out there undoubtedly knows for sure.  BTW, I have been
fortunate enough to fly a BOAC VC-10 JFK-LHR, and a BEA Trident 3
LIN-LHR (both in 1978).

Ken Ishiguro