Re; HS Trident

Date:         10 Jul 97 17:46:11 
From:         Andrew Weir <>
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> The lift produced by these 'vaultflaps' was higher than the
>lift produced by the landing flaps. The 'vaultflaps' could only be put
>back at 417 km/h, on G-ARPI they were retracted at 300 km/h. Why this
>was done will never by found out since the CVR was inactive. The Trident
>stalled and crashed with a vertical speed of 23 m/s and an angle of 31
>deg tail first in the ground. 118 people were killed.

There was, in fact, no CVR. Bill Tench, ex-head of the accident
investigation branch and working there at the time of the crash, has said
he and colleagues had been "banging their heads against a brick wall"
trying to get CVRs made compulsory in Britain but faced opposition from
BOAC and BEA. In the end it came about, on the recommendation of the judge
heading the inquiry into the crash, in 1974: the same year, I believe, ICAO
mandated them.