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Date:         29 Jun 97 16:47:06 
From:         "Andrew van der Plas" <avdplas@worldonline.nl>
Organization: World Online
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Hi there, I have got a couple of questions:

1. When descending to your Min. CRZ level, to what level do you descent if
you have calculated FL 141 as minimum cruising level, but you are flying on
a westerly heading. Is it then FL 160 (semi circular) or do you still
descend to FL 141 ?

2. Why would you use your minimum cruising level, other then decompression
? I am looking for some good examples for my students.

3. When you correct your altitude-indicator for nonstandard atmosphere, do
you use altitude above terrain as correction or altitude above sea level.

Example: When the temperature is ISA -20 the correction for a MDA of 500'
(indicated and true) is about 40', so the bug should be set at 540'
(indicated). But if your MDA is 5500' (indicated, which is still 500' above
terrain) it is much higher. Let's say this 100'. The bug then should be set
at 5600' (indicated, which is still 500' true). With indicated I mean
indicated on your altimeter.

The reason why I ask, is that I had a discussion with a collegue, who said
that the correction should be aplied on the feet above the ground and not
corrected from sealevel. I then said to him that the altimeter doesn't know
if it flies over a 5000' mountain or 500' above the ground. According our
publications my collegue was right, but I still disagree.

Replies please via e-mail, because I not always look in this group that

Thanks in advance

Met vriendelijke groet.

Andrew van der Plas

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