Re: "Airframe" and DFDR's

Date:         06 Jan 97 01:41:45 
From: (Gary Moffitt)
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> Michael Crighton's new book "Airframe" (a fictional novel about a
> fictional airframer investigating the cause of severe porpoising in
> a fictional widebody) claims that an extremely high (~80) percentage
> of Digital Flight Data Recorders in modern aircraft are partially or
> fully non-functional.
> Does anyone have any information to refute/prove this?  It seems
> extremely unlikely.

> Its just what it appears, fiction.

Well stated, I know that my airline monitors dozens of various engine
parameters that are collected through the DFDAU and FDR and down loaded to
ground computers on a flight by flight basis.  If a FDR system was inop or
recieving bad info from DFDAU we'd know about it. Additionally FDR
parameters are required by FAR's and airlines do not cross the FAA.

Gary S. Moffitt