Re: HS Trident

Date:         29 Jun 97 16:47:06 
From:         Peter & James Liddell <72132.1641@CompuServe.COM>
Organization: PSPP
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	The problem with Tridents isn't just that they're
	Tridents have serious design deficientcies, such as
needing loooooooong runways for take-off (actually, if the Earth
was flat, a Trident wouldn't take off!) and is fairly noisy, and
is range restricted, and has a problem with stalling( This
applies only to Trident 1s).
	The Trident just was messed up by BEA. Had the original
design gone into production, it would havew sold much better and
Rolls-Royce would probably have not nearly gone bankrupt and shut

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