'97 aircraft order update

Date:         27 Jun 97 15:37:17 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc@geocities.com>
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After the 'Le Bourget Airshow' the '97 aircraft orders are more
equilibrated. Airbus has 180 orders (43.4%), Boeing has 230 orders
(55.6%) and MDD 4 (1%).
The splitting of familys is the following : A300/310 (7), A320 (141),
A330/340 (32), B737/B737NG (122), B747 (12), B757 (12), B767 (69), B777
(15), MD90 (2), MD11 (2).

The LOI and MOU from Continental, Finnair, Northwest and TAM are
considered as orders, since I assume that they will be signed within the
next weeks.

Very interesting are the few orders for A340, B747 and B757. The sales
of B767 have been pushed by the -400ER. The A340/B777 segment is quiet
since the B767-400ER and A330-200 are on the market. For further
details,have a look at :

Note that the big order from THY has been delayed due to the political
changes taking place in Turkey. The widebody order from NW is still
pending, and Boeing is still trying to sell the B767-400ER/B777 instead
of the A330.


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