Re: 737-400 specs.

Date:         27 Jun 97 15:37:17 
From:         Reid Fairburn <>
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At 09:35 PM 6/16/97, you wrote:
>	I wonder if anyone out there can post or e-mail the performance
>specs. for a B-737-400.  I can't seem to find them anywhere on the
>internet, and I don't know any pilots who have any time in the 737.
>	It would be great if I could get the normal climb speed, cruise
>speed, descent speed, as well as fuel consumption (GPH) and max. range.

Matt:   On this airplane, the speeds are a function of the fabled
Cost Index which is entered by the crew into the Flight Management Computer.
For large CI values, the airplane goes faster and for smaller values,
(economy type), the airplane goes a little slower.  Nominal values are 290K
for climb and descent, and 310K(.76) for cruise.  Compared to other
airplanes, it is a little slower.

Reid Fairburn
Creative Kingdom, Inc.