Re: A330-300HGW

Date:         27 Jun 97 15:37:16 
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>At 00:34 10/06/97, H Andrew Chuang wrote:
>>Yes, a new wing for the A340-500, but no new wing for the A330 HGW.
>>For the A330 to get to the range of a B777-200IGW, it will also need
>>a 90,000lb-thrust engine.  Four classes of engine for the A330/340
>>family... I don't think so!  All along, Airbus argued that airlines want
>>the four-engine configuration for the long-haul aircraft.  I doubt Airbus
>>will launch an ultra-long-range twin any time soon.
>Yes, Airbus have said all along that the airlines want a four-engine
>configuration.  But not all of the airlines have agreed.  Has A330
>development been delayed by this Airbus perception and have they lost sales
>as a result?  I fear they may.

They can launch this type of aircraft because Airbus argues that there
is no fragmentation of the the market while boeing does to justify the
777. Whereas Airbus try to impose its A3XX