Re: thrust, fuel consumption

Date:         18 Jun 97 02:36:56 
From: (Darren Rhodes)
Organization: Loughborough University
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On 16 Jun 97 21:35:40 , Vangal Venkatesh <>

>On a 747-400, how much thrust is developed by each engine during cruise
>and what is the fuel consumption? Also what's the maximum thrust that each
>engine can develop during cruise and the fuel consumption at maximum

Okay, there are three engine choices for the 747-400, here's data for
the GE CF6-80C2-B1F

Max Static Thrust:	57900 lb

Cruise Flight Condition:	35,000ft, Mach 0.80
Max Climb Thrust:	13160 lb
Max Cruise Thrust: 	12820 lb
Cruise SFC:		0.564 lb/hr/lb

That's the basic engine data. As you can see the ratio of max cruise
thrust to max static is about 0.2. This ratio drops with higher bypass
ratio engines - the GE 90 ratio is nearer 0.18.

Flight International also gives fuel burn in lb/hr for the complete

Max Cruise: 35,000ft 507knots
Fuel Consumption:  24983 lb/hr

Long-range Cruise: 35,000ft 490knots
Fuel Consumption: 21962 lb/hr