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Date:         18 Jun 97 02:35:32 
From:         Chris Dickson <>
Organization: Cray Research, A Division of Silicon Graphics Inc.
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Brian Maddison wrote:
> I don't believe there were any major operational problems with Tridents

I was only a kid at the time , so details are a little hazy, but I'm
sure there was an issue over unusually high stall speeds. There were
several incidents involving stalls, including at least one fatal crash
in which the flaps were retracted too early, causing the aircraft to
drop tail first into the ground. I seem to recall that changes were made
to the aircraft systems in response to the above, so it wasn't put down
entirely to pilot error.

> although the early models turned out to have insufficient range for some
> BEA routes (LHR-ATH). Particularly ironic since it was BEA who had
> insisted on the scaled-down version. They were a bit under-powered and
> later versions actually had a fourth booster engine, as we discussed
> in an earlier post.

I do remember that when we used to fly BEA from London to Malta we had
to make a stop in Naples or Rome on a Trident-2, but could fly direct on
a Trident-3.