Re: Why a new super-jumbo isn't going to be built anytime soon.

Date:         18 Jun 97 02:35:32 
From:         jfmezei <"jfmezei"[no.spam]>
Organization: VTL
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There have been questions about a super jumbo having difficulty
operating at airports because of its wingspan. (gates space etc).

Is it conceivable that instead of having 2 huge wings, an aircraft would
have 4 medium wings ?

Either 2 fore, 2 aft, or like on the old planes, wings below fuselage
and wings directly above, above fuselage ?

In the 2 fore and 2 aft scenario, perhaps the back wings could be above
fuselage, and fore wings below with each wing equipped with one engine.

Is this absurd, or is this something the airframe manufacturers would
have looked at ? If dismissed, why ?