Re: A330-300HGW & new gear

Date:         18 Jun 97 02:35:31 
From:         Christopher Davis <>
Organization: Dirac Angestun Gesept
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 jla> The advantages of the 777 vs A340/330 are glaring.  Airbus cannot
 jla> just add centerline gear.  [...]  The 777 was designed with the
 jla> larger, heavier gear, even at the cost of the add'l weight and
 jla> price, to allow for larger and heavier versions of the craft.

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat its mistakes."

One advantage that the DC-10 held over the Tristar in the "twin-aisle
trijet" competition was its growth ability; the fact that a centerline
gear could be added to the DC-10 to allow for higher MGTOW made it
feasible to have longer-range versions of the plane that didn't require
shortening the fuselage (as with the L-1011-500).

This meant that the DC-10 "won" the competition (a Pyrrhic victory), while
Lockheed wound up leaving the commercial airline market (again); it's
somewhat ironic that Airbus may have made a similar mistake...

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