Re: B767 design fault (feature?)

Date:         18 Jun 97 02:35:31 
From:         Pete Mellor <>
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On Sun Jun 15 00:39:24 1997, Chris Flynn <> wrote:

>>Returning with me on a BA B767 to LHR from a conference in Berlin,
>>my girl-friend was a bit miffed to discover that her seat had no
>>foot-rest. (She is somewhat vertically challenged, and finds that
>>having her feet dangling several inches from the floor does
>>little to add to the comfort of flying.)
>>Thinking she had a defective seat, I did a quick check. All the
>>middle seats in the centre block were minus foot-rest. All other
>>seats had one. (We're talking economy class here!)
>>Can anyone shed any light on this bizarre design decision?
>Our aircraft have variable Club config.
Aha! Am I talking to someone from BA?

>If there are lots of Club pax
>the cabin will be extended as far as possible. Club config doesn't use
>the middle seat so no footrest.
>In your case, Club was smaller than max. so you got to sit in a Club
>seat, even though you were in the economy section.

Actually, my girl-friend got to sit in the Club seat. (She can be
remarkably persuasive, despite her lack of inches! :-)

>Hope that makes sense.

Yes, it does. Thanks. I will explain to my girl-friend that her
basic problem is that she does not conform to the BA regulation
which states that no economy passenger is allowed to be shorter
than average! Her options are therefore either to grow a bit,
or find herself toy-boy who is rich enough to pay for Club
class! :-)

Seriously, it seems a bit daft to restrict foot-rests (and very
ordinary foot-rests at that) to Club class, particularly since
the lack of one could cause serious discomfort to someone whose
legs are not long enough to reach the floor.

Could you pass the message back, or suggest to me the right
department of BA with whom to have a word?


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