Re: BA introduced design fault (feature?) (Was: B767 ... )

Date:         18 Jun 97 02:35:31 
From:         Peter Coe <>
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Pete Mellor <> writes:

>As several people have pointed out, the carrier is responsible for
>the seating plan. (I sort of knew this, but wasn't thinking! :-)

>Therefore, let me rephrase my earlier query: Why on earth would
>BA choose to have no footrests on one column of seats, i.e., the
>middle column D in the centre block in 2-3-2 two-aisle layout?

Just a guess, but maybe it is a hold over from that crazy BA idea,
the switchable business/economy seat.  This was a 3 seater that
could be changed to a 2 seater by switching of a lever.  Not very
satisfactory as either - the middle person of a 3 seater had a split
cushion in the middle of the back, and a 2 seater had a split at the
shoulder. Presumably the foot rest disn't matter because the business
passenger got one anyway, and the economy passenger shouldn't have one
at all, so the center seat wasn't equipped.

Also looking at the last two BA timetables, I see that they have
changed the middle 767 cabin from a mix of business and economy, to be
only economy. First class has gone altogether.  Maybe you caught a plane
mid switch.