Re: BA introduced design fault (feature?) (Was: B767 ... )

Date:         18 Jun 97 02:35:30 
From:         Tilman Sporkert <>
Organization: InterNex Information Services 1-800-595-3333
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Pete Mellor wrote:

> Therefore, let me rephrase my earlier query: Why on earth would
> BA choose to have no footrests on one column of seats, i.e., the
> middle column D in the centre block in 2-3-2 two-aisle layout?

I have never been on an airplane that had footrests at all. I guess
you are talking about that metal bar that is usually found underneath
your seat? I always thought this is there to stop the carry-on
lugguage of the person behind you from moving around the airplane.
I.e. this "bar" actually curves around at the sides of the seat,
towards the back, to form a cage that holds your carry-on items
in place.
Tilman Sporkert, Active Software, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA