Fuel consumption

Date:         16 Jun 97 21:35:40 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <marcmsc@geocities.com>
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This question is related to fuel consumption for commercial aircraft. In
several books I found that the fuel consumption for a B737-500 (which I
take as example) is of 2700 l/h at cruising altitude and at normal
cruising speed (908 km/h). I will call this value FCCA.

I would like to know the typical values for the following parameters :

- Fuel consuption from starting of the engines until reaching of the
cruising altitude. This assumes a plane at MTOW, departure 10 minutes
after having started the engines, a constant *typical* climbing rate.
The value can be in liters or US gallons or l/h or gal/h. This value
will be called FCTO.

- What time would it take to reach cruising altitude with these

- Fuel consumption from the moment where the aircraft leaves the
cruising altitude until it touches ground. This assumes again a constant
descend rate, MLW, no reversing of engines and shutdown of the engines 5
minutes after touching ground. This value will be called FCGR.

- Can a relationship be made between FCCA, FCTO and FCGR for the

- Can this be generalized to any aircraft?

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